Thank You – 10min Chakra Clearing & 1/2 hr Beginner & 1/2 Advanced Energy Meditations

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You can download your Chakra Clearing Meditation MP3 audio recording from the link below.

Simply right click on the link and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” and you can save it to your computer.

A nice, fast and highly effective meditation for you to enjoy and be able to do quickly in this fast paced world we live

[download id=”1766″]

Nice easy method of meditation for the Beginner

[download id=”1711″]

More advanced method of meditation for you to stretch yourself in working with the Healing Energies

[download id=”1713″]

Enjoy the App for daily clearing of your issues & blockages out of your body, to avoid sickness & upset.

For your bigger health issues give me a call and I can work alot deeper and stronger on you with a Body Attunement session or Remote.

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With the same clearing repetitive moves of Chakra Clearing, pls also clear the area,

– from your Crown Chakra right up to God/Source, high up above, colour Gold,
– your thymus gland, between Throat & Heart, colour Turquoise,
– around both knees, colour White
– around both ankles, colour White
(if you already have an injury pls do each knee, ankle separately)
– and each hand, colour White

The Body Attunement Centre is a Healing Centre specialising in attaining Great Health, Happiness & Wellbeing for all its clients. 

It works on clients physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  By working on the whole body the Centre obtains great successes and results in all areas of illness or disease. 

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