Remote/Attunement Session Testimonials

Remotes / Attunement Session Testimonials


Remotes / Attunement Session Testimonials
It does not matter where you live around the world, Debra offers healing sessions Remotely. She has clients who have had healing from all over Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, England, China, and America and she has changed their lives and healed them through a Remote/Long Distant healing session. Debra says ‘I find my Remote sessions are even more powerful than my in person attunement sessions, as I can psychically see and sense even clearer and without distractions to my intense healing work’.

Have a read of what some of her Remote and Attunement clients had to say:

I love Debra Bright

I had really sore ulcerated infection in my gums and it wouldnt calm down or go. I got Deb to do a session and its now relieved. I dont know what she does but it works, Thanks Deb, your amazing.

Alicia, Tasmania

My boy is so gorgeous and loving but when he gets upset, he can’t control it and explodes with frustration and anger. It upsets him so. We had a couple of remote session with AbracaDebra and to this date, he hasnt had an explosion since. Yeh, free of them, all his friends and family are commenting and he is now really happy. A great change.

Donna, Runaway Bay Qld

“I found Deb on the internet as I was searching for help, no-one has been able to help me so far. For the last 10 days my body has had a burning blistering rash all over-arms, legs, heaps around my neck and even worse on my stomach. It was horrific, I felt so upset, disgusting, depressed and in pain and the more I did my newly learnt Reiki, it seemed to inflame more. I asked Deb if she could possibly help and yes she did and with Skype over the internet! We worked on past life issues, burning me because of using energy work, 3 sessions later they are quickly healing up and on their way out and I feel so good, blissful like I never have before. Thankyou so much Deb.

Gi, California, United States

Unbelievable again, I just informed Debra that I have had tests and the Doctor has told me I don’t need the operation on my thyroid anymore. Wow Deb you have also healed that in the sessions. Thankyou so very very much, amazing.

Natalie, Syd
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