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Do you have recurring health issues physically
or emotionally? Are you sick or hurting? Are you in pain or depressed?
Do you feel anxious, tired or upset?

It is all about Energy! It
is all around us influencing everything we do. If you know how to
harness it and make it work for you and not against you, you will be
amazed how it can turn your life around.

Through this amazing Package, you will discover
how to make the laws of the universal energy work for you, so that you
will know how to heal yourself using the energy force. You will also
learn how to use it to create a fantastic and abundant life.

All Valued at $300
For Just $97

What is included in the Package:


The Energy Awakening Daily Toolkit valued at $150

Learn how to make energy work for you,harness energy to provide you with Perfect Health, Harmony, Happiness, Perfect Job, Good Relationships, Abundance of Love, Money and more. Learn to work with Energy on Yourself, Empower Yourself. Learn how to tap into your own energy to heal and rebalance yourself, friends and
family.  Done daily, this will provide you joy and contentment, fix and stop sickness & keep you emotionally stable & in balance.

Learn to Heal Yourself, Balance & Stabilise, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Loss Management, Work with Universal Healing Energy, Moon Energy, Protection, Clearings, Energy Draining/Swapping, Abundance, Auras, Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Chakra Clearing, Heart Open Time, Whats Happening 2012 Onwards, and more…


The Chakra Clearing Workshop valued at $95

Learn How to Chakra Clear, Empower Yourself. Learn to connect to God/Source Universal Energy and receive 100% energy at all times which
will prevent flues and sickness. Done daily this will provide you with great health, joy, peace and contentment, fix and stop sickness & keep you energetic, emotionally stable and in balance. Receive a Free physical and mental Body Healing.

When you regularly clear your Chakras, it prevents sickness, upset, pains & any problems developing in your body. Regular clearing of the Chakras can also clear any pain or illness that you already have. Become empowered to heal the health of yourself, friends and your family.


The Chakra 3 meditations CD $29.95

At your own pace, reap the benefits of chakra clearing to soothing meditative music, and enjoy:

  • 10 Minutes per day Body Energy Chakra Clearing – a nice fast and highly effective meditation for you to enjoy and be able to do quickly in this fast paced world we live.
  • Beginner Chakra Clearing – 1/2 hour nice easy method of meditation for the Beginner
  • Advanced Chakra Clearing – 1/2
    hour more advanced method of meditation for you to stretch you with
    your healing energy skills on a deeper level.


The Chakra Dance CD and DVD $25

Chakra Clearing to upbeat, uplifting music. Lots of fun to start your day, or lift you throughout the day. Lots of my clients use this as their alarm clock in the morning! Working in the energy field is where all the problems start. When your insides (energy field) are clogged and unclean thats when health issues arise. Doing the Chakra Dance daily or whenever you need will help you immensely with your physical, mental and emotional health issues. Its like having a shower to clean but on the inside.

All Valued at $300
For Just $97

What Debra’s Clients Have to Say:

“I’ve been searching for this information all my life, I’m so happy.”

“I use this daily. We should have learnt this information at school”.

“Opened my heart, now with my soulmate,”

“The workshop has changed my life. I now feel happier and able to
help myself in all situations”.

*When I am sick,upset, depressed or anxious, I now know how to stabilise myself.’

“I stopped the flue coming on.”

“Deb fixed my sinuses.”

“Psi 91-High level Prostrate Cancer, Psi 1.6 now and in remission.”

“My hearts now clear and breast cancer in remission.”

“Deb healed my long term back pain in just 1 session. Wow.”

“The nightmares, bedwetting and headaches are now gone.”

“I couldnt sleep, now after session, Im so relaxed and going home to bed.”

“I had heart trouble but after a healing, Im now safe, Drs are amazed.”

“My childs allergies are now tolerable.”

“My child was wild and out of control. Now 95% difference, settled.”

“I had depression, anxiety and suicidal, after working with Deb
Im now stabilised, happy, calm and completely turned around my life. “

and many more changed, now healthy lives…


 Become EMPOWERED in dealing

with your health and wellbeing.







  • Disclaimer Debra works complimentary with medicine, she accepts no liability for misinterpretation or the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided, she does not offer medical advice, if pain persists please see your doctor. You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

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