Debra M Bright is a very powerful Master Energy Clearer, Healer of the Wounded Body, Awakener and Ascension Leader. She is connected & has been working with Universal Energy all her life and professionally with therapies for more than 25 years, She is a much sought after leader in her field.

She appears across Australia on TV, Radio and was Nominated Australian of the Year 2014 & 2016 for successes in changing and saving so many lives. She is a World Speaker, Teacher and Author.

Debra’s powerful private clearing sessions called “Body Attunement Clearings” are the most powerful modality for quick healing, removing unwanted energy, emotional or situation blocks, allowing then for a better attraction, then successful future progression. They work profoundly on clearing & realigning broken relationship, self esteem & all issues, your animals, houses, properties, they are all needing help also.

If you do not have abundance, great joy, success, health and happiness in your life there are energy stress blocks in your wounded body that Debra just simply clears and releases back to the Universe. It quickly turns your life around, providing you great strength, health, healing, clarity, contentment, peace, calm, abundance, happiness, balance and all, whilst also moving you up to the higher dimensions.

Explore Debra’s amazing energy harnessing sessions, products, downloads & empowering Workshops, which can be the key to you feeling stronger, better than you’ve ever felt!
Do you have recurring health issues physically or emotionally?
Are you sick or hurting?
Are you in pain, weak or depressed?
Do you feel anxious, tired or upset?
Do you feel your life is not working for you, your continually struggling?
It is all about Your Energy!

Energy is all around & within us influencing everything we do. You can’t see it but can sure feel it! Once you learn how to harness it and make it work for you instead of against you, your life can turn around very quickly.

Through Debra working and teaching you to clear your body’s energy field, where all problems start with stress blocks, it realigns and changes your vibration within, which then changes your vibration without into the positive, then that’s when you receive from now from the Universal Law of Attraction. You will then be provided a more positive, empowered, best life!

Debra says,’Its not about talking anymore, for change now, we need Clearing Action. We have to realign deep down in our cells to actually get results. Everyone needs my clearings, or you just keep going round & round, over & over ongoingly receiving in your life what you always have, the same upsets and feelings with different people and story. Its often called emotional baggage. So many people are starting to lose hope of ever being truely happy, abundant, heathy or progressing & are giving up’!

Are you finally ready to get off the merry-go-round & have quick, positive Life Change?

Would you like to claim your Empowered Life Now?

Debra has available for you lots of Clearing Action, to move you out of Struggle.
You will discover what you can do each day, each week, to unfold & make the laws of universal attraction energy work for you. You will know how to keep yourself strong in your own energy body with Debra’s powerful audio daily Chakra Clearing, her deeper aligned Life Changing Clearings & Energy Power Up Workshops. You’ll be able to access & use them to manifest a fantastic Loving, Abundant and Empowered life, every day.
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Its lovely to connect with you at the EMPOWERMENT Summit.

Please find below your FREE 5min Daily Chakra Clearing Dance DVD, the first level of energy body clearing that you can do, & Im avail do all the more intense clearing issues.
I know you will love this & becoming more empowered to heal yourself.

Use the DVD every day or whenever you don’t feel good, you can dance with me or just listen to it, it will Clear your energy field making you feel a lot more centred, calm, healthy, happy & uplifted & it will reconnect you to 100% universal energy, also if your currently not well, the more you do it, the better you will get!

I’m here for you to help Clear & Guide you to ascend easily to the higher dimensions, to make you feel amazingly different & help realign you to feel more Empowered in Your Life.

Enjoy & let me know how you like it,

  • Disclaimer Debra works complimentary with medicine, she accepts no liability for misinterpretation or the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided, she does not offer medical advice, if pain persists please see your doctor. You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

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