FREE Super Grounding & Balance Report


FREE Super Grounding & Balance Report

To ascend at this special time, there is energy being surged  down onto the planet everyday which we all need to integrate as it comes through our chakra system & sends it awry.  I recommend everyone to chakra clear every day, maybe many  times per day on the big surge days to keep balance. 

This is an important & ongoing skill needed to keep your stability.

5min Chakra clear with me each day, get your CD/DVD at or

keep on top of things, join in my phone weekly healing clearing on Tues’ 

And importantly, we all need to keep grounded.

So focus & centre within & draw your Chakra energies down down down to the centre of the earth, the earth star chakra, & hook yourself in, then focus energies going down you right leg down down to the centre of the earth, earth star & hook yourself in and then energies down your left leg down down down to the earth star, hook yourself in & be grounded in NOW!


Did you feel yourself ground ??

Easy do it anytime, anywhere!

For more energy daily secret tools & wisdom, download or attend Debra’s Workshops…

Pls care & share with loved ones, everyone you know, We are all now needing Clearing Action for Ascension ❤️

In gratitude of you,

Love, light, abundance and joy,

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