Remotes / Attunement Session Testimonials

Remotes / Attunement Session Testimonials
It does not matter where you live around the world, Debra offers healing sessions Remotely. She has clients who have had healing from all over Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, England, China, and America and she has changed their lives and healed them through a Remote/Long Distant healing session. Debra says ‘I find my Remote sessions are even more powerful than my in person attunement sessions, as I can psychically see and sense even clearer and without distractions to my intense healing work’.

Have a read of what some of her Remote and Attunement clients had to say:

At Xmas I met Deb with 10 out of 10 backpain and walked out without any, it was gone!
So I asked her about my sick grandaughter to help. She has cancer polyps going over 95% of her throat and can’t breathe. She has to have an operation every 6 weeks to scrape her throat of this aggressive growth. Been doing this for 2 1/2 years. After a few sessions with Deb, her next operation revealed only 5% this time, she didnt have to return for 12 weeks. On the 12wk visit it was all gone, and we now have a more confident, louder, healthy, normal girl. The family and I are so absolutely thrilled Debra has helped. Amazing miracle, Mendo,Sydney.

My husband had a session with Deb to clear his headaches and she cleared the 7 lumps in his chest also. They are now gone! Nada, Rockdale

I had a lump in my right breast. It was a bit bigger than small marble and very hard. After a session with Deb, the next morning it was in small bits and crumbling and dissipating to leave my body. Wow less that 24hours, Steph Rockdale.

I was being bullied at school and upset and bedwetting at 14yrs old. How awful! A session with Deb and the bedwetting has stopped. Thnx heaps Deb, A, Rockdale

My liver was removed, and is now developed a cyst, ulcerating and infected in the same spot. As Deb said, it won’t heal until you clear the area. I did and now it is all back to normal and the huge pain is gone! Thnx Deb, Jellica xo

I was traumatized and violently angry after my marriage spit, I’m now peaceful and calm after a few sessions. Tho I did feel amazingly better after my first session. I’m now doing Debs Workshops and learning her work as it is so powerful and achieving, Lui, Bexley

My friend has major anger and suicidal issues. I asked Deb to help him with her Remotes and is he is uplifted, laughing n being social, what a great change and difference, so good to see. Lexi Nelson Bay

Im only 31yrs of age but my body couldnt stop shaking, like I had Parkinsons Disease. Nobody could help me with this. A friend recommended me to Debra and a few sessions to me in Sydney and they have now completely ceased. They have tried to return a few times but then the session seems to kick in and they dont happen. Unbelievable, and I asked her about my thyroid as I have an operation booked to have it removed.
Natalie, Syd

Unbelievable again, I just informed Debra that I have had tests and the Doctor has told me I don’t need the operation on my thyroid anymore. Wow Deb you have also healed that in the sessions. Thankyou so very very much, amazing.
Natalie, Syd

“I found Deb on the internet as I was searching for help, no-one has been able to help me so far. For the last 10 days my body has had a burning blistering rash all over-arms, legs, heaps around my neck and even worse on my stomach. It was horrific, I felt so upset, disgusting, depressed and in pain and the more I did my newly learnt Reiki, it seemed to inflame more. I asked Deb if she could possibly help and yes she did and with Skype over the internet! We worked on past life issues, burning me because of using energy work, 3 sessions later they are quickly healing up and on their way out and I feel so good, blissful like I never have before. Thankyou so much Deb.
Gi, California, United States

My boy is so gorgeous and loving but when he gets upset, he can’t control it and explodes with frustration and anger. It upsets him so. We had a couple of remote session with AbracaDebra and to this date, he hasnt had an explosion since. Yeh, free of them, all his friends and family are commenting and he is now really happy. A great change.
Donna, Runaway Bay Qld

I had really sore ulcerated infection in my gums and it wouldnt calm down or go. I got Deb to do a session and its now relieved. I dont know what she does but it works, Thanks Deb, your amazing.
Alicia, Tasmania

Debra, I can’t thank you enough. I have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for most of my life. I have tried everybody for help and it’s not until I found you that I have finally had relief. Everything you have told me was spot on and you have cleared the energies that have been causing this issue. I can’t believe how quickly the symptoms disappeared after only a few sessions. I was able to go away on holidays symptom free and I ate pizza the other night and had no reaction afterwards. You are a truly gifted amazing lady. Thank you!
Also, I fell sick overseas in America on a ski trip, Really bad sore throat that was completely stopping me skiing. I called Deb, she did a session and I was outside skiing the very next day and feeling amazingly better. You astound me Debra. Thank you again. Whenever I feel ill or anything with my children, I always now call Deb, AbracaDebra Time, she always gets to the bottom of it and heals.

My father has empherzemia and was rushed to hospital, not being able to breathe. I rang Deb for help immediately and she worked remotely on him. He has now gone from a 10/10 bad level to 5/10 and is still in hospital but so very much better, I will get another session soon to make him fully better. And Deb is so caring, she did a quick stabiliser for me too because I was so stressed! Thanks DebKaren, Newcastle

My boy sleepwalks at night and its so very dangerous. Last night he charged at a full wardrobe mirror and smashed it, he was ok but maybe not next time. Deb has done a few sessions on him and he has now stopped. What a relief, we are so grateful.DebDayns,Newcastle

My tongue was infected, swollen and very sore. Deb did a session and connected to a past life of mehaving my tongue cut out and now the pains gone. Wow, so interesting!Lisa,Dee Why

My husband is a Chef and has trouble with his frozen shoulder and its affecting his ability to work. Deb did a session on him remotely and he can move it like normal once again. We are thrilled. Thankyou Debra,Anna,Nelson Bay

My child came down with a really bad cough. They called it whooping cough and because she had not been immunised, she wasn’t allowed at school and scorned upon. Met Deb who said she could heal it naturally and sure enough, after 3 sessions she was all healthy again. Thanks heaps Deb.
Sue, Bellingen

I had a headache,was dizzy and off balance, kept nearly falling over. Deb did a session for me and I feel fine and normal again.Gaz,Denman

My neck and shoulders are in a very bad way. I need to work but can’t with this pain. I was referred to Deb and she did 2 sessions on me and amazing, the pains now gone. I can finally move forward in my life. Brilliant Deb.

A Body Attunement has fixed my child’s constant Nightmares and Bedwetting.
Debbie, Orange

My child was like an Animal, fighting, biting, nasty and wouldn’t let us love her. After a Remote Session, Wow, what a difference. She was saying. Thanks mummy Im feeling so different, and can you believe, hugging us that very night.
Kaz, Orange

I have had a very Bad Back for years. Deb worked on me and in 3 days, NO PAIN at all, it was a miracle.
Sandy, Sydney

My boy came down with a really bad cough and infected chest. A Remote Body Attunement fixed it. Just great.
Jane, Orange

My child is very Erratic, Scattered and all over the place and out of control. 1 Attunement session and I notice 95% difference. Great!
Walla, Egypt

Thanks for the Remote healing last night Deb on my bad back, healed overnight.
Glenn, Maitland

My daughter was cutting herself and suicidal and was placed in a psychiatric centre. After a few Body Attunements she was allowed to leave and hasn’t cut or abused herself since being let out. She has now got her life together and happy again. Unbelievably grateful.
Lea, Rockhampton

Our horse fell in a ditch and cut his back hind leg. It ulcerated and the Vet decided to put him down. He is so dear to us, so we rang Deb to try a Remote Attunement. Yoohoo all healed and he is still alive today and up to mischief, thankyou so much Deb,
Michelle, Anna Bay

My boy just broke up with his girlfriend and is heartbroken, in great pain and is moving further into depression. 1 Body Attunement and he is now coping and moving on in his life now, positively.
Ann, Bathurst

My child was coughing hysterically and couldn’t stop. A session and he stopped. My other child suffers from Wetting problems and a session has also healed that.
Jane, Orange

I have prostate cancer. After having Body Attunements, it has decreased from high levels and it is now well in remission. The specialist and I are amazed.(Blood psi was 19.5 now 1.5)
Bill, Sydney

My son was lacking balance and focus and has to memorise work for school, which he was having great trouble with. After 1 Attunement, he memorised his work straight away that night and is now a lot more stable and focused.
Peter,Wagga Wagga

My daughter is forever getting Urinary Tract Infection. A few Attunements and it has now gone and hasn’t come back.

My baby wont Sleep. After an attunement he actually slept for 5 hours. Amazing! I also had an Attunement as I am a wreck and I am feeling loads better and refreshed.
Shirley, Byron Bay

My child is Wild! He is biting, hitting, so aggressive and out of control. Wouldnt allow me to love him or cuddle. A friend suggested an Attunement. 1 Session and he has turned into a cuddly, lovable mouse. Excellent work, Deb.

We had spirits in the house and the children kept seeing them and were all freaked out. Not only did Deb calm them with an Attunement but she also did a Remote clearing on the house. The house has never felt clearer, peaceful and nice, no more dramas.
Lucy, Cowra

Deb has sorted me out emotionally, I was Broken Hearted and holding so much Grief. She Attuned my body and I feel different and great. I wish I had met Deb 15 years ago as that is how long my life has been on hold.
Karen,Gold Coast

My eldest daughter has 4 children and when she gets depressed, drunk or angry she catches a bus and runs away for however long. I stop my life and have to mind the kids until she reappears. An Attunement done on her made her stop and get off the bus and return straight away. Amazing! The next Attunement has changed her life and she is now normal and coping with life and has now got a great new job. All is great, New Woman.

I had suffered anxiety and depression for a long time, had been seeing a psychologist for many years. After my first attunement session with Deb…the anxiety and depression had lifted considerably and after the second session had gone completely. Thanks to Deb, youve changed my life.

My shoulder and back of neck was so painful. I tried th chiropractor, phsyio, xrays, but all no help. Level 8 out of 10 pain went down to a 3 n then now gone, Thnx Deb.
Monica, Maitland

Big sharp pain in my chest, I had trouble breathing. Then pain started to move down my arm. I was so anxious maybe my heart. Yes, Deb did work on my heart and has shifted all the paining energies for me, what a relief. Better now and she has taught me how to clear my chakras to keep my heart good. Great.
Peter, Singleton

I had ringing in my head, dizziness n faint feelings. So not good when I’m out n about or driving. I’ve tried to get help from so many people, finally Deb has helped and aligned me. The ringing has gone right down n I can now think and be normal and relaxed again.
Robyn, Lismore

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