Blast Your Stress’

Introducing Blast Your Stress’ Meditation Clearings, Specifically Designed to Help You to Free Yourself From the Sources of Stress that Have Weighed You Down for So Long

When issues and baggage from our past aren’t dealt with, it can wreak havoc on our present and sabotage our future.

Left unchecked, it can spiral into debilitating emotional distress and even physical pain, sickness and dis-ease.

That’s why it’s so important to clear these issues before they do any more damage.

Just choose the clearing download that most closely fits your challenge.




Downloadable Products
Feeling Loads Better, Repairing & Regenerating
Clearing for any feelings of illness, both emotional and physical .


Anxiety, Fear, Panic Clearing
Clearing for body and stomach issues


Anger,_Rage,_Fury,_Fiery,_Hot_Emotions Clearing



100% Energy Back Clearing
Clearing for feeling tired, rundown, drained and helps back problems


Not Coping Clearing
Clearing for Not Coping with life, relationships problems or health problems.


Resistance/Stuck Clearing

Clearing for for being stuck in life and resisting change


If pains persist, always see your Doctor